• Neo Fixture Removal Kit
    Neo Fixture Removal Kit


    ∙ Fixture Remover
    ∙ Fixture Remover Screw
    ∙ Round Bur
    ∙ Torque Ratchet
    ∙ Hex Driver

    € 1.899,00
  • Fixture Remover
    Fixture Remover

    Fixture Remover sizes:

    ∙ Ø 3.5 mm / 15 mm
    ∙ Ø 3.5 mm / 20 mm
    ∙ Ø 4.5 mm / 15 mm
    ∙ Ø 4.5 mm / 20 mm
    ∙ Ø 5.0 mm / 15 mm
    ∙ Ø 5.0 mm / 20 mm
    ∙ Ø 6.0 mm / 15 mm
    ∙ Ø 6.0 mm / 20 mm

    € 135,00
  • Fixture Remover Screw
    Fixture Remover Screw

    Fixture Remover Screw sizes:

    ∙ m 1.4
    ∙ m 1.6
    ∙ m 1.8
    ∙ No1-72UNF
    ∙ m 2.0
    ∙ m 2.5

    € 99,00

FR Kit

(Neobiotech Fixture Removal Kit)

The Neo Implant Removal kit enables you to remove failing or misplaced implants quickly, easily and without the need for a surgical procedure, trephine or trauma. This technique can also facilitate the immediate placement of a new implant of the same diameter back into the socket once properly cleaned and treated. 


  • When marginal bone loss occurs, implant placement and GBR can be done right after the implant removal.
  • Implants can be simply removed even in broken or osseointegrated cases.
  • No bone damage and no dental trauma.
  • Trephine drill is unnecessary.
  • Applied to any kinds/brands of implants.
  • When the implant is placed in the wrong direction, it is possible to simply pull implant out.

Remove failed implants without surgery with fixture removal kit

There is nothing more annoying to a dentist than a patient who comes back with an incorrectly placed or failing implant. It hurts, causes discomfort and can cause inflammation in the oral cavity. All unpleasant experiences that we want to solve or prevent as quickly as possible, that becomes possible with the fixture removal kit. The Fixture Removal Kit makes it easy to remove failing or misplaced implants, all without surgery.

Because surgery is something that a lot of people look up to, as a dentist, you make the threshold less high to pass by. Some continue to walk with toothaches because they are afraid of such an operation, as a dentist, you can now let them know that this is no longer necessary. Much less misery, simplifying an operation and satisfied patients. NeoBiotech makes it possible!

Properly place new implants with fixture removal kit

Prevention is better than cure, also in the teeth. To prevent implants from igniting or hurting, and patients have to come back, it is a good idea as a dentist to properly place them immediately. We also understand that a dentist always does everything he can to successfully complete an operation or placement of implants.

Unfortunately, in practice this sometimes turns out to be complicated. The gums can get in the way and each jaw is shaped differently. When an implant has been removed with the fixture removal kit, it also immediately makes it possible to place a new implant with the same diameter. You remove the old implant, clean and treat the socket and then a new implant is placed.

No bone damage and dental trauma with fixture removal kit

A lot of people are afraid of the dentist. The reasons can be diverse, one has been traumatized and the other has not been properly helped. To avoid these kinds of problems, it is a good idea to work with the NeoBiotech fixture removal kit. Due to the simple and pain-free operation, you prevent dental trauma. A pleasant experience, no pain for the patient and you can help them more easily. Only benefits!

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