IS implants

Qualitative IS implants

Every patient hate having to have surgery, but every patient hate having to come back for the same surgery. Sometimes there is no other option than to perform an operation, but then of course people want to use high-quality implants. To prevent inflammation or complications from developing during placement, it is a good idea as a dentist to use IS implants. These are structured to maximize initial stability and facilitate faster osseointegration with a scientifically proven SLA surface.

By using our IS implants you can be sure that you can help the patient better and that they can eat, drink and live the next day without any problems.

Minimize Bone Loss with IS Implants

The jawbone is the place where it all has to happen, this is where the implants are placed, and it has to provide firmness. The jaw is ideal for placing implants because bone does not decay. Bone also does not grow, so it must be handled with care. Bone loss is the last thing you want.

When you use NeoBiotech's IS Implants as a dentist, you minimize bone loss in the jaw. The shape of the implant allows you to place it in the jaw without any problems, but it does not cause any damage. No bone loss and as much jawbone as possible is preserved. This is not only nice for the near future, it also brings several advantages later when the patient gets older.

Wider cutting edge IS Implants makes placement easier

You don't have to work hard, you got to be smart. That is what we are told from an early age. That was also the thinking during the production of our IS Implants, several innovative changes have been made to this. One of those changes is the wider cutting edge. Creating a wider cutting surface makes it easier to place the implant. As a dentist, you can place the implants faster and easier, the patient does not need anesthesia and there will be no so-called dental trauma.

Thicker connection with IS Implants

In the past, it often happened that the connection between the implant and the crown was not as good as desired. We at NeoBiotech have also been working on this with our new IS Implants. By providing it with a thicker edge at the top, we have managed to achieve a thicker connection. The implants are better attached and placement is simplified as mentioned before.

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