(Neobiotech Sinus Crestal Approach Kit)

This kit allows for crestal approach without damaging the membrane. Even if Reamer touches directly to membrane, it is safe. Everyone can treat this safely and quickly. 


Special Reamer for Safe surgery

The S-reamer is the main instrument of the SCA kit. Its special blade structure has been designed to perforate the sinus inferior cortical bone without tearing the sinus membrane. It creates a thin bone disk between the membrane and the reamer. Reamer does not touch sinus membrane directly, so it is safer. This tool could also be used in the case of misaligned septum cases.

  • Sinus Crestal Approach Kit
    Sinus Crestal Approach Kit


    ∙ Stopper
    ∙ S-Reamer
    ∙ Initial-Drill
    ∙ Bone Inserter
    ∙ Depth Gauge
    ∙ Bone Carrier & Condenser
    ∙ Bone Spreader

    € 1.899,00

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