(Neobiotech Sinus Lateral Approach Kit)

Minimally invasive lateral approach to sinus lifts. Less pain and less swelling to the patient. Epoch of the Sinus Lateral Approach which bore within one minute safely.


2 Special Reamers for Sinus Lateral Approach

  • LS Reamer: LS-Reamer is a kind of drill which drills lateral wall safely. It creates a thin bone disk between the reamer and the sinus membrane. It protects the sinus membrane because the LS-Reamer creates a thin bone disk between reamer and sinus membrane.
  • C Reamer: The hollow spaced and tapered C-reamer can save a circular bone core disk from the lateral wall. It is designed to provide a safe, speedy recovery, fast surgery and quick bone formation in the lateral hole.

SLAkit has several benefits

The sinus membrane must be lifted for some procedures. When placing implants, the maxillary sinus must be filled, this is called a sinus lift. This cavity is located in the upper jaw, where the molars are. Implants need bone to be securely placed, otherwise there is a chance that the implants will loosen over time. The older a person gets; the less bone is available to place implants in.

With a SLAkit we make it possible for dentists to perform such a sinus lift in the right way. With the Neobiotech slakit, they have everything they need to perform a successful operation.

High quality SLAkit

As a dentist, it is extremely important that quality products are used. The right materials must be used, otherwise complications can arise. Making work easy, that's what Neobiotech does for dentists. With the slakit we have put together a kit that makes performing a sinus membrane lift easier.

Dentists work in a patient's mouth. The mouth is a beautiful but separate and complicated part of the human body. All food gets through it and it is very prone to inflammation and aches. To prevent this, people have to visit the dentist once in a while, but this dentist must also be skilled and work with the right products.

Operation of the SLAkit

The slakit has been developed for lifting a sinus membrane, but how does such a slakit actually work? The Neobiotech slakit is made up of different parts, each with its own function and expertise. First, a hole is made towards the open cavity, this is done with one of the guides. Filler can be sprayed through this hole to fill the cavity. Making a hole in the sinus membrane must be done with extreme precision.

After this cavity has been filled because there was initially too little bone present, an implant can be placed. The implant is much more secure after this procedure. As a result, the patient has less to worry about an implant and can continue to do everything he or she likes.

SLAkit to be ordered internationally

Neobiotech supplies dentists all over the world. Our slakit is used by many dentists, who rely on our quality products every day. You can also benefit from this, our slakit can be ordered in our webshop.

For international deliveries we use a delivery period of (number to be specified) days.

Go for quality, make sure patients walk out happy and make your life as a dentist easier with the Neobiotech slakit.

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